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Please feel free to contact me at any point with questions, comments or business proposals by filling out the form on this page. Get Bored Get Fit Studio! is currently located in Hoover, AL.




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1564 Montgomery Highway, Ste. C
Hoover, AL, 35216


The new studio is open! 


Recurring Tumbling Private Lesson


We listened to your feedback and now it's much easier for you to manage your own lessons and classes. With this being a reserved time schedule, you are only allowed to book your reserved time slot. You will not be able to reschedule your reservation for any other day or time. You are now responsible for rescheduling your appointments within the respected 24 hour time frame. This helps us fill your spot if this situation were to happen. Keep in mind that you were hand picked to be on this list. This means you have agreed to be a recurring member and are serious about seeing results. If you forget to book, you risk losing your spot to the next person on the waiting list. In the past, we've allowed you to hold your spot without any additional fees. However, this makes it unfair to the coaches who plan on you being there and students who are on the waiting list. That hour is usually spent entertaining and training Luigi (our miniature dachshund). Which means we lose the opportunity to help another athlete reach their goal. So, we placed a monthly membership fee to hold a place on one of our coaches reserved schedules. This is a non-refundable fee. So, please make sure to cancel if you are planning on taking time off.


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