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Please feel free to contact me at any point with questions, comments or business proposals by filling out the form on this page. Get Bored Get Fit Studio! is currently located in Hoover, AL.




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1564 Montgomery Highway, Ste. C
Hoover, AL, 35216


The new studio is open! 

Explore Ways to Get Fit


Ways to Get Fit


Our studio is available 7 days a week for private lessons, semi-private lessons and small groups. 

If you would rather train in the comfort of your own home, all of our training options are available for mobile coaching. 

Look over the training we offer, then decide if you prefer to train in my fully equipped, well padded studio or in the comfort of your own home. Then schedule time to cure being bored and start getting fit.  

Private Lesson

Online Coaching

Can't manage to get a private lesson spot with Coach Mario. With online coaching you get access to Coach Mario ANY TIME that you need him. You have the ability to contact him and ask questions about your training session, the program he has given you, any feed back you have received, your nutrition including diet recommendations, meal prep and recipes, a post they made or that you’re wearing some GBGF gear and you feel motivated… maybe not that last one, but definitely everything else. Online training lets you train from the convenience of your own home, park or where ever you feel comfortable. We love working with our crew to find the best ways their training can fit into their lifestyle. We know everyones routine is different. 

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Personal Training

Is one-on-one personal training right for you? Having a trainer design and work with you on achieving your goals provides several benefits. You will receive the highest level of attention, motivation and accountability. We work with a wide range of individuals. From shedding extra pounds to explosive training for athletes, we welcome you to see if one-on-one training is right for you.  We offer both full sessions (60 minutes) and half sessions (30 minutes).


Hip-Hop Cardio

So You Think You Can Dance With Coach Mario?