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1564 Montgomery Highway, Ste. C
Hoover, AL, 35216


The new studio is open! 

Andrew Engel


Coach Andrew gets fit when he gets bored – it's a way of life for him and his students.

Coach Andrew grew up with a passion for flipping and wanted to be GREAT at it. He first met Coach Mario at His Kids Academy, where he learned about the Get Bored Get Fit movement. For years, Andrew pushed himself to get new skills on his trampoline and in his front yard embracing the GBGF mantra, turning his downtime into exciting, goal-driven training time but needed more help with the details to progress faster and reach higher goals. At the age of 15, Andrew joined a tumbling class at ACE of Birmingham. After going to the gym 4-5 days a week and putting in a LOT of hard work, he then went on to be a level 5 cheerleader at ACE for almost four years. He competed at Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, NCA Nationals in Dallas, and The Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, Florida. After graduating out of the ACE program, he moved to Riverdale, GA to cheer at Stingray Allstars, but learned that it wasn’t where he needed to be. Andrew moved back home to pursue a great joy found in Jesus and that is when he began working at Get Bored Get Fit Studio.

Philosophy of Get Bored Get Fit:

Rather than allow life's doldrums to slump you into a yawning, couch-sat phone tinkerer posture, let that boredom trigger productive physical activity and exercise. You'll be surprised at the results. You'll be surprised at you.

Get Bored Get Fit's programs turn down time into exciting, goal-driven training time.

Let our Coaches evaluate you OR your child and build a customized training plan to keep them interested and motivated to reach their goals.

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Please help us spread the word about #GBGF. We want to encourage everyone to get fit when they get bored. This hashtag demands physical activity of any kind. Snap, tweet, and share your story or post with our community of highly motivated team of movers! When we GET BORED, we GET FIT!